Nimishillen Township Board of Trustees

February 10, 2005

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On Thursday, February 10, 2005, the Board of Trustees of Nimishillen Township met in regular session at 7:00 P.M. at the Nimishillen Township Hall with the following members present:Trustees Virginia K. Macdonald, Todd D. Bosley, Russ Goffus and Clerk Carlene Harmon.


The meeting opened with the pledge of Allegiance.


FIRE DEPARTMENT: (Chief Rich Peterson)


Chief Peterson asked for a Resolution to hire and swear in new Firefighter/Paramedic, Don Barthel.


Virginia Macdonald motioned to hire Firefighter/Paramedic Don Barthel seconded by Russ Goffus.All voted yes.Motion carried.


Virginia Macdonald called for Don Barthel to step forward and then gave the Oath.Virginia Macdonald and the Board welcomed Don Barthel and everyone in attendance applauded him.


Peterson reported he would be applying for the $6.5 million SAFER Grant (Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response).This grant will allow him to apply for funding for staff.The SAFER Grant will be awarded in June and hopes to hear something by then.


Peterson announced the Fire/EMS Community Pancake Breakfast is scheduled for Sunday, May 15th at Station #1 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.


Peterson reported the Township Association 911 Planning Committee meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, February 15th at 3:00 p.m. but stated he received a call today around 4:30 that this meeting has been changed or postponed.Todd Bosley said he hadnít heard anything.Russ Goffus stated he had just talked to Steve Meeks and as far as he knew, it was still scheduled for the 15th.Discussion followed.




Ty Reiter gave an oral road report stating they have been plowing/salting, cleaned up some old scrap pipe from storm sewer projects from last fall and took to Slesnickís and did patching on Parks, Maplegrove and Swallen.


Discussion was held regarding CHILDREN AT PLAY signs.Virginia Macdonald feels CHILDREN AT PLAY signs should be taken down as the road crew sees them because in the Ohio Revised Code, it states these signs give a Ďfalse sense of securityí and itís against the law to have these signs up.Ty Reiter stated he feels the Trustees should get a written opinion from the Prosecutorís Office.


Reiter stated a couple years ago, he recalls the Board agreeing not to erect any new CHILDREN AT PLAY signs but would not take down the existing signs and continued to say if the Trustees would decide to take these signs down, that in his opinion, it should be done by Resolution.


Since a resident requested the CHILDREN AT PLAY sign on Shilling be taken down, it has been removed.The Board agreed all the signs should come down but agreed to only take down the one on Nickelplate now, which was also requested by a resident.Reiter stated he would take care of it tomorrow.Mrs. Macdonald stated she would check into it and do some research on this subject.


Reiter requested a vacation day tomorrow, Friday the 11th.But he stated if it snowed, he would be in.The Board approved his request.




Mr. Lasure asked for approval from the Board for Paul Gretzinger to attend the next Trustees Meeting to take photos of the elected officials for the website he is doing for the township.The Board agreed.The website is currently under construction but is ready for viewing at


Russ Goffus motioned to accept the January 2005 Report for the Stark County Auditor seconded by Todd Bosley.All voted yes.Motion carried.(Copy attached)


Mr. Lasure read his written Zoning Report for February 10th, 2005.Virginia Macdonald motioned to accept the written Zoning Report for February 10, 2005 seconded by Russ Goffus.All voted yes.Motion carried.(Copy attached)


Lasure questioned the Board regarding the proper procedure for the erection of a mausoleum in a township cemetery.Discussion followed.




Nimishillen Township Board of Trustees



February 10, 2005 (Cont.)






1.      Terri Huckels of 8730 Easton commented on the 911 Planning Committee and township employees not badmouthing fellow employees.


2.      Dave Mullett of 5057 Broadway stated he almost lost his daughter Christmas Eve.He spoke about his concerns with the current 911 system and questioned why the Stark County Commissioners keep ignoring the issue of convening the 911 Committee.He also spoke about the Ohio Township Association meeting and questioned Goffus as to why the 911 tapes were not allowed to be played as planned and asked Goffus how important the 911 system is to him and wanted to know where he stood on this subject.Goffus expressed his concerns and stated it is very important and agreed the current system must be updated.Other accusations were made with explanations given.Much discussion followed.


3.      Mark Rumble of 3094 Ravenna thanked Dave Mullett for taking time to come tonight and gave a special thanks to Chief Peterson and Todd Bosley.


Since it was now a little after 8:00 p.m., the Louisville High School students were dismissed and the elected officials signed their papers but a couple students stayed to speak at tonightís meeting.


4.      Student Liza Dirocco of 822 Meese Road stated she has only been to two meetings but from what she has observed, the Board does not really get along and said nothing can be accomplished unless everyone gets along with each other.The Board thanked her for her comments and she received a round of applause from the Board and residents.


5.      Donna Fuller of 5857 Rosedale commented on her concerns with 911 and how long it takes calls to be routed correctly.


At this point, Bosley asked Peterson to explain the maps being used at the 911 Center.


Todd Bosley stated five years ago 911 was broken and itís still broken today.He stated this has been an ongoing problem but itís to the point now that it has to be fixed.


6.      Student Amber Jaeb of 4627 Parks stated her next-door neighbor had a heart attack and her mother called 911 and it took them ten minutes to get there.She stated she didnít realize how big of a problem this was until tonight and, in her opinion, she thinks that, as a township, Nimishillen needs to step up and emerge as the leader to get things moving.Amber received a round of applause form the Board and residents.


7.      Joanne Moody of 7018 Pilot Knob suggested residents go on a letter writing campaign expressing their concerns on the current 911 System and the necessity to reconvene the committee.Terri Huckels suggested Joanne put something in The Herald to have all Stark County residents call the Stark County Commissioners.


At this time, Virginia Macdonald asked Chief Peterson where all the dispatch centers were located.


Canton City services their own Fire/EMS and police and answer their own 911 calls with a

population of approximately 78,000-80,000


Red Center dispatches for about twenty agencies for a population of approximately 91,000


Nimishillen Township, if we donít pick anyone else up, will dispatch for about fourteen

agencies with a population of approximately 86,000


City of Louisville dispatches for themselves, law enforcement, police, EMS, Washington

Township Fire/EMS and City of East Canton for approximately 15,000


North Canton has their own (doesnít remember population)


Alliance dispatches their own at approximately 22,000


Plain Township dispatches their own for approximately 38,000.


Peterson stated all of these entities with the exception of Canton City go through Stark County 911.




Nimishillen Township Board of Trustees



February 10, 2005 (Cont.)




8.      Judy George of 5874 Noel commented how impressed she was when she attended a Firefighterís meeting and was shown a piece of equipment and how this equipment is used.


Mr. Mullett stepped to the podium again and praised and thanked the Nimishillen Township Paramedics and Mark Rumble stepped to the podium again and spoke about the need for action on the 911 problems.Discussion followed.


At this time, the Board talked about going into Executive Session.Todd Bosley stated pending litigation could not be discussed unless the attorney was present.Russ Goffus questioned this.Clerk, Carlene Harmon, explained when she attended the Winter Conference in Columbus, Ohio, it was stated an attorney must be present to discuss pending litigation in Executive Session.


Trustee Bosley wanted to talk about the pending litigation in public session and continued to comment on the case and wanted to know who would pay for the settlement if the township would lose.Russ Goffus and Virginia Macdonald stated pending litigation cannot be discussed in an open meeting.Mrs. Harmon stated you donít have to go into Executive Session for anything Ė itís only if you choose to do so.Discussion on this subject continued.


Virginia Macdonald and Russ Goffus stated they would call the attorney to see if he could attend the next Trustees meeting.


Before going into Executive Session, Todd Bosley stated he had asked Dick Bruey to come tonight and speak on the Horn Ave. problem.Mr. Bosley said he has talked to the City of Louisville and they stated they would take care of the problem but gave no definite date as to when this would be done.


Dick Bruey of 5464 Horn stepped to the drawing board to demonstrate how he feels the flooding problem could be solved.Ty Reiter also stepped to the drawing board and explained how he feels it should be fixed.Many ideas and much discussion followed.


Mr. Bosley stated this problem is a priority and said he would try to pinpoint when the City would fix their share of the problem.If he could not pinpoint a date, he would then write a letter requesting to speak at a Louisville City Council meeting or request to meet on site.


Virginia Macdonald motioned to go into Executive Session at 9:25 p.m. for the evaluation of personnel seconded by Russ Goffus.All voted yes.Motion carried.


Virginia Macdonald motioned to come out of Executive Session at 9:55 p.m. seconded by Todd Bosley.All voted yes.Motion carried.


Russ Goffus motioned the Board agreed to promote Kevin Swartz as Road Superintendent beginning tomorrow February 11, 2005 on a 180-day probation period to run all aspects of the Road Department.Salary will be decided at the next Trustees meeting (2/24/05) to be retroactive and Ty Reiter would step down to Assistant Road Supervisor seconded by Virginia Macdonald.All voted yes.Motion carried.


Ty Reiter stated he would call Kevin tonight and Russ Goffus stated he would also stop by the Road Department tomorrow morning and talk to Kevin.


Russ Goffus motioned to give Township Secretary, Sharon Shaub, a 3% increase effective for the current pay period seconded by Virginia Macdonald.All voted yes.Motion carried.


Russ Goffus stated the next person evaluated was Rich Peterson.His last increase was in 2002.Russ Goffus motioned a 3% increase for the three years missed for a total of 9% rounded off to an even $3,000.00 effective this pay period and to be reviewed again in September 2005 and then every September thereafter seconded by Virginia Macdonald.All voted yes.Motion carried.


Russ Goffus stated all Fire Department employees should be reviewed on their hire date.The Administrative Office is to keep track of this and put on the agenda when each is up for evaluation.




Russ Goffus reported on the Ohio Township Association Conference he attended in Columbus, Ohio and asked to set up a work session to discuss how to run an effective meetings and to discuss insurance regarding having different insurance agencies handling different areas.Carlene Harmon stated she has no problem working with two separate entities and said she has



Nimishillen Township Board of Trustees



February 10, 2005, (Cont.)




had a problem with Mark Hollinger returning her calls.Mr. Goffus feels they need to meet with Mark to give him a chance to tell his side and iron out any problems.Discussion followed.


The work session is scheduled for Tuesday, February 22, 2005 at 4:00 p.m. at Fire Station #2.Keith Lasure asked if discussion on redoing the Nimishillen Township Zoning Resolution with Regional Planning could be done at this work session.It was stated that should be a separate work session.Keith said he would call Reva Butera to find out what dates she would be available.


Russ Goffus reported on Zoning Technology and had Sharon copy information for the Board and Keith.(Copy attached)Also discussed was the possibility of renting the Township Hall, involving Scouts with township clean-ups and the cost of newsletters.Goffus said the township would write the articles for newsletters but some schools would print them as a school project.


Todd Bosley tabled the problem on Swallen Avenue (hill) and signs for Fairhope.Terri Huckels said the signs were green with white letters.


Creating office space at the Township Road Department:Virginia Macdonald feels the Road Department building and offices should be kept the way they are.Todd Bosley said that sooner or later, there would have to be more space.The Board said they would look into it.


Per the request of Mary Lee Sponseller, Virginia Macdonald appointed Russ Goffus to the Tax Incentive Review Council.Only one Trustee was appointed at the 2005 Organizational Meeting in January.


The Board agreed a township newsletter should be put out in the spring (April/May) as well as in the fall (August/September).


6190 Columbus-Grover Street:Russ Goffus stated he received a written opinion from the Stark County Engineers stating Grover is not a township road because the township does not receive money and even though it was dedicated but never accepted, the township is not responsible for maintenance.




Russ Goffus motioned to approve the January 27, 2005 Minutes as written seconded by Todd Bosley.All voted yes.Motion carried.




There were no concerns of the Clerk.




Russ Goffus motioned to approve the Financial Report and pay bills in the amount of $49,887.93 seconded by Virginia Macdonald.All voted yes.Motion carried.




Virginia Macdonald motioned to sign checks and adjourn seconded by Russ Goffus.All voted yes.Motion carried.The meeting adjourned at 10:35 p.m.





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