Nimishillen Township Board of Trustees

March 14, 2005



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On Monday, March 14, 2005, the Board of Trustees of Nimishillen Township met in regular session at 7:00 P.M. at the Nimishillen Township Hall with the following members present:  Trustees Virginia K. Macdonald, Todd D. Bosley, Russ Goffus and Clerk Carlene Harmon.


The meeting opened with the pledge of Allegiance.


FIRE DEPARTMENT: (Chief Richard Peterson)


Chief Peterson asked the Board for a Resolution to begin Regionalized Dispatching Operations June 1, 2005.  Todd Bosley motioned to begin regionalized dispatching operations immediately seconded by Russ Goffus.  All voted yes.  Motion carried.  This will be housed at Station No. 2 and will be for dispatching only and not 9-1-1 services.


Peterson reminded everyone of the pre-bid meetings for Station No. 3/Dispatch Center, which will be held on March 15th and 17th at 2:00 p.m. at Station #2.


Due to the large number of bidders, they ran out of specs and drawings by 2:00 p.m. the second day after it was in the paper.  They went through 15 complete packages, ordered another 10 and it appears they will have to order another five sets.  Peterson stated this is good because they should get a good price for Station No. 3.


The ambulance inspection trip scheduled last week was postponed.  Another inspection has been rescheduled for either March 21st or 22nd.  There should only be one more trip which will be sometime in April.


ROAD DEPARTMENT: (Kevin Swartz, Superintendent)


Road Superintendent, Kevin Swartz, asked the Board for a Resolution for allotment sweeping.  Russ Goffus motioned to send letters for quotes for allotment sweeping for a per hour charge not to exceed $7,000.00 seconded by Todd Bosley.  With no further discussion all voted yes.  Motion carried.


Swartz requested a Resolution for the 2005 Roadway Improvements.  Virginia Macdonald motioned to proceed with the 2005 Roadway Improvements and send to the prosecutor for approval.  Paving:  Part A includes Pilot Knob, Ault, Greenwood, Apple, Plum and Grapeland for a total of 2.05 miles; Part B includes Peach, St. Francis and Jude for a total of 0.95 miles; Part C includes Fruitland, Howland, Mann, Frantz (153), Frantz (Howland) Westmore and Paumier for a total of 1.37 miles.  Chip and Seal:  Part A total miles is 9.96 and Part B total miles is .29 for a total of 10.25 miles seconded by Todd Bosley.  With no further discussion all voted yes.  Motion carried.  (Copy Attached)


Two estimates were received for tree removal on Shilling Avenue:


·        Tree Link Tree Service $900.00

·        Buckeye Tree Service $450.00


The Board agreed to go with Buckeye Tree Service for $450.00.  Goffus asked Swartz to have Buckeye give a price to cut up the large tree at Mr. Shoemaker’s that was pushed off the road.  If the price is reasonable, Kevin can give the OK to go ahead and cut up the tree.  It was also suggested Kevin check with Mr. Shoemaker to see if he wants the cut up wood from the tree for firewood.


Swartz read his Road Report for March 14, 2005.  Virginia Macdonald motioned to accept the Road Report as written for March 14, 2005 seconded by Russ Goffus.  With no further discussion all voted yes.  Motion carried.  (Copy Attached)


ZONING DEPARTMENT: (Keith Lasure, Zoning Inspector)


Zoning Inspector, Keith Lasure, reported there are only six or seven zoning books left.  The Board agreed to order 25 books to hold us over until the new zoning book is done.  The zoning book will eventually be entered into the computer under the township website.


Russ Goffus motioned to accept the monthly Zoning Report for the Stark County Auditor for February 2005 seconded by Todd Bosley.  With no further discussion all voted yes.  Motion carried.  (Copy Attached)


Lasure read his Zoning Report for March 14, 2005.  Further discussion was held on other concerns and complaints that were not in the written report.




Nimishillen Township Board of Trustees



March 14, 2005 (Cont.)




After some discussion regarding the junk that was dumped on the Kagey property on Fargo, Lasure said he would write a letter to Mr. Kagey and also contact the health department. 


Lasure also reported he has approximately 11 cases pending that he needs help with from the prosecutor’s office; however, they do not have the time or manpower to give him quick answers.  Bosley stated due to the shortage of help at the prosecutor’s office, they might not be able to help townships with free legal opinions.


At this time, Virginia Macdonald motioned to accept the Zoning Report for March 14, 2005 as written seconded by Todd Bosley.  With no further discussion all voted yes.  Motion carried.




Two residents requested to be put on the agenda prior to the meeting:


1)               Judy George of 5874 Noel stepped to the podium to discuss township concerns.  She was concerned about the new road superintendent and fire chief earning the same salary.  She stated Chief Peterson has been with the township 21 years vs. Road Superintendent, Swartz, being low man on the totem pole at the road department.  Mrs. George stated Peterson should be earning a much higher salary and should be furnished a car.


2)               The second resident who requested to be put on the agenda was Bob Kisling but Mr. Kisling called Bosley to say he was unavailable.  Mr. Kisling was going to address the Board regarding the Fruitland Avenue tree problem.


Other residents in the audience to speak were:


3)               Terri Huckels of 8730 Easton stepped to the podium and addressed the Board regarding the progress of the investigation on the invasion of the township files.


Mrs. Huckels also asked about the money audit.  Clerk Harmon said there would be

an audit but they are behind like all other government agencies.  No date has been

set as of yet.


Mrs. Huckels questioned the Horn/Reno ditch project.  Much discussion followed.


Todd Bosley then answered Terri’s question on the investigation.  He stated in February, he spoke with Major Perez and Major Perez assured him that he started on both investigations.  Bosley stated he has not heard anything more since then but felt it would be advisable for the Board to send a letter to ask for an update.  Mr. Bosley asked how the Board felt about sending a letter.  Russ Goffus said, “Send the letter”.  Virginia Macdonald agreed.  Mr. Bosley said he would write the letter and have Sharon type it on township letterhead.


4)               Donna Fuller of 5857 Rosedale stepped to the podium and was concerned about ordering more zoning books and asked Lasure if any changes had been made yet.  Lasure told her no changes have been made yet and explained that until the new books are put together (which will take a while) we need to have books available to the residents. 


Mrs. Fuller also discussed road issues and her concern about taking care of water running over the roads.  She feels the water problems should be taken care of first and ditches cleaned out before money is spent on paving and chip and seal.  Mrs. Fuller feels the Board should drive the township roads to check on which ones water runs across.


Mr. Bosley stated he received the Ohio Township Association magazine and in it is an article titled “The Ten Commandments for a Good Road”.  The first commandment is to get water away from the road.  (Copy Attached)


At this time, Bosley stated that under Concerns of Trustees, he has, on the agenda, weekly work schedules.  Bosley said he has asked for a weekly work schedule all of last year and what they have is a piece of paper with a list of prioritized projects.  Out of the 10 prioritized projects, only 6 have been completed since last year.  Bosley stressed there must be a schedule.  Donna suggested Kevin keep the schedule on a clipboard.


Mrs. Fuller then commented on the 9-1-1 System.


Nimishillen Township Board of Trustees



March 14, 2005 (Cont.)




8:00 p.m. - More than 50 students from the Louisville High School Government Class were dismissed and the elected officials signed papers.




Renewal for township insurance is up in May.  The Board agreed to meet with Jeannie Sacconi (Leonard Insurance) at 6:00 p.m. before the next regularly scheduled Trustees Meeting on March 24th.  Township Secretary, Sharon Shaub, said she would call Ms. Sacconi and arrange for her to attend the work session.


Lasure brought up the zoning book again and said Mr. Jeffries offered to scan the zoning book and we would just have to make copies.  The Board agreed to continue as we have in the past and order a few books until the new ones are ready.


Discussion was held again regarding a work schedule for the road department.  Todd Bosley said weekly work sessions should be scheduled and weekly schedules made.  Three out of five days should be for projects with the other two days to allow for weather.


Virginia Macdonald is in favor of setting up a weekly work session with Kevin Swartz to be held at the road department.


It is Bosley’s opinion road department plans get lost in snow plowing and pothole repair when they don’t necessarily have to and feels the trustees are responsible for the road department as well as the fire department and zoning department.


Bosley stated the road department should be run like a business and feels all of the road crew needs more experience on the ditcher.  He would like to have work sessions at 6 p.m. before the trustees meetings.


Virginia Macdonald said the 6 p.m. work sessions were not effective and feels meeting at the road department would be more effective.


Goffus said it is not necessary to meet weekly.  He feels monthly would be adequate.  Goffus said roads and potholes are a big priority and ditching would have to wait, weather permitting.  Mrs. Macdonald agreed.


Goffus stated he feels the road department should hire another part time person.  Bosley disagreed stating he feels it is not necessary because the road crew is not being utilized to their full capacity.  Discussion followed.


Mrs. Macdonald and Mr. Bosley had a discussion regarding the necessity of a work schedule and the Reno/Horn project was brought up.  Mrs. Macdonald stated she feels residents should not be told a particular time we would be at their house.  She stated the engineer’s office and other townships tell residents they will get to them when they have time.  Todd Bosley then said the road crew was supposed to be at the Horn/Reno project this morning.  At this time, Kevin Swartz and Todd Bosley had a discussion whether or not the road crew was supposed to be at Horn and Reno today.  Discussion continued between the trustees and Swartz.


A resident in the audience wanted to ask a question and Goffus stated they were not going to respond.  He stated residents are to talk about their concerns during the ‘Concerns of Citizens’ portion of the agenda.  Macdonald agreed.


Virginia Macdonald continued by suggesting setting up a work session with Kevin.  Discussion was held regarding a time to meet – either early morning or late afternoon.  The Board finally agreed to meet on Tuesday March 22nd at 4 p.m. at the township garage.


Virginia Macdonald reported she received a letter from the City of Canton regarding the Embassy Switch stating the City of Canton agrees to allow Nimishillen Township to access its Embassy Switch with no user fee.  (Copy Attached)  The trustees signed the Agreement, which will be mailed back to the City of Canton along with a Certificate of Liability from the township insurance company.


Goffus reported the records disposal session Saturday morning went well.  Several showed up to help go through the files from 9:00 a.m. to about 11:30 a.m.  There is huge pile of records to be disposed.  Goffus suggested using someone from the road crew and a dump truck to haul the records for disposal for the acid bath.  Goffus stated manpower would be needed to carry everything up from the Station #1 storage area.  Peterson said the fire department could help and to just let him know when and he would have help available.



Nimishillen Township Board of Trustees



March 14, 2005 (Cont.)






A newsletter will be put out to the township residents the end of April.  Articles are due to Joanne Moody by the April 14th trustees meeting.  Secretary, Sharon Shaub, said she would remind everyone.


The township was going to put out a free communications guide to township residents, but we were unable to get enough advertisers to pay for it.


At this time, Road Superintendent, Kevin Swartz, had another question regarding the Horn/Reno Ditch project.  Swartz wanted to know what he should ditch stating he cannot clean the City of Louisville ditch.  Goffus suggested he should coordinate this with Mr. McBeath who is the Superintendent of Service for the City of Louisville.




Russ Goffus motioned to accept the February 24, 2005 Minutes as written seconded by Todd Bosley.  With no further discussion all voted yes.  Motion carried.




Per Resolution #05-005, several transfers were made on March 1, 2005. (Copy Attached)


Ms. Harmon asked the Board for a Resolution to scrap township equipment per Ohio Revised Code 505.10 – obsolete and has no value.  Virginia Macdonald motioned to scrap the impact printer according to ORC 505.10 as obsolete and has no value.  Goffus amended the motion to include all items listed on a separate sheet of paper (Copy Attached) seconded by Todd Bosley.  With no further discussion all voted yes.  Motion carried.




Russ Goffus motioned to approve the Financial Report and pay bills in the amount of $77,584.71 seconded by Virginia Macdonald.  With no further discussion, all voted yes.  Motion carried.




Virginia Macdonald motioned to sign checks and adjourn seconded by Russ Goffus.  With no further discussion, all voted yes.  Motion carried.


The meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.





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