Nimishillen Township Board of Trustees


Special Meeting

October 30, 2007













































On Tuesday, October 30, 2007, the Board of Trustees of Nimishillen Township met in Special Session at 2:00 PM at the Nimishillen Township Road Department located at 4915 N. Nickelplate NE with the following members present: Trustee President Lisa R. Shafer, Vice President Michael L. Lynch and Trustee Allen E. Gress.


Trustee Shafer called the meeting to order at 2:00 PM for the purpose of opening sealed bids for the FRANCESCA DITCH PROJECT.


The following bids were opened and read aloud: (Bid Sheet Attached)

      ADS Total Bid $10,493.24

      Hancor Total Bid $10,493.24

      Lane Enterprises Total Bid $11,752.00

      Mack Industries Total Bid $3,058.00 (price includes $250 Freight)

(Only bid on Catch Basins)

      Marlboro Supply Total Bid $12,507.64

Trustee Shafer asked the township secretary to tabulate the bids, and the Board will review all bids and make a decision at a later date.


TRUSTEE SHAFER MOVED TO ADJOURN at 2:07 PM, seconded by Trustee Gress. Roll call voting: Trustee Shafer yes, Trustee Gress yes and Trustee Lynch yes. MOTION CARRIED.































































































































___________Absent____ _____ __ ___________________________________

Attest: Matilda I. Kinlsey Lisa R. Shafer, President

Assistant Fiscal Officer






Michael L. Lynch, Vice President






Allen E. Gress, Trustee