Nimishillen Township Board of Trustees

April 12, 2007


























































On Thursday, April 12, 2007, the Board of Trustees of Nimishillen Township met in regular session at 7:00 P.M. at the Nimishillen Township Hall with the following members present - Trustees: President Lisa R. Shafer, Vice President Michael L. Lynch and Trustee Allen E. Gress.  Fiscal Officer Carlene Harmon was excused due to illness.


President Shafer called the meeting to order and led the staff and audience in the Pledge of Allegiance.


INVOCATION: Mike Lynch gave the invocation.


FIRE DEPARTMENT: (Chief Rich Peterson)


Excuse Chief Peterson: Because Chief Peterson is attending another meeting for the Township, Lisa Shafer excused him from tonight’s meeting.


Update on Dispatch Center @ Sta. #3:  Chief Peterson asked Lisa to give an update on the new dispatch center.  She said the change over went extremely smooth and there were no surprises, which she attributes to the fire department, not only Chief Peterson’s leadership, but all the employees who spent tireless hours inputting data into the computers.  Mrs. Shafer said everyone did a fabulous job and the equipment is working as planned.


Mike Lynch said everyone should be very proud because our township is the leader in the State of Ohio.  Allen Gress agreed.


ROAD DEPARTMENT: (Road Crew Member, Jamie May)


Resolution to Advertise for Road Material Bids and Open Bids on May 10: After discussion, Allan Gress motioned to advertise for road material bids and open the bids at the May 10th, 2007 Trustees’ Meeting, seconded by Mike Lynch.  Roll call voting:  Allen Gress – yes, Mike Lynch – yes and Lisa Shafer – yes.  MOTION CARRIED.  Res#07-099


Road Report: Mike Lynch motioned to approve the Road Report for April 12, 2007, as presented, seconded by Allen Gress.  Roll call voting:  Mike Lynch – yes, Allen Gress – yes and Lisa Shafer – yes.  MOTION CARRIED.  Res#07-200 (Copy attached)


Allen Gress asked Jamie when the list of road improvements would be available.  Jamie said he has them and they are available for viewing.  Jamie said he would like to take the Trustees out so they can look at all the problems on the roads.  Mr. Gress said he went out with Jamie last week and said there is a host of roads that need attention.






Nimishillen Township Board of Trustees

    April 12, 2007 (Cont.)




Zoning Report: Mike Lynch motioned to accept the Zoning Report for April 12, 2007, as presented, seconded by Allen Gress.  Roll call voting:  Mike Lynch – yes, Allen Gress – yes and Lisa Shafer - yes.  MOTION CARRIED.  Res#07-201 (Copy attached)


Zoning Report for Stark County Auditor: Mike Lynch motioned to accept the March 2007 Zoning Report for the Stark County Auditor, seconded by Allen Gress.  Roll call voting:  Mike Lynch – yes, Allen Gress – yes and Lisa Shafer – yes.  MOTION CARRIED.  Res#07-202 (Copy attached)


OHIO EPA REPORT: (Keith Lasure)


Meeting in Twinsburg: Keith reported there would be a meeting held on Wednesday, May 2, 2007 in Twinsburg from 9:00 AM to Noon.  This is the Phase II municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s) education session to determine compliance with municipal NPDES storm water permit requirements.  This workshop will prepare storm water managers for an MS4 program audit.  One Trustee is required to attend.  Gress said he would be available to attend.


Water Runoff at 7645 Brookview: Keith Lasure reported on water runoff off at 7645 Brookview from farmland (which is a natural flow) onto a yard.  Tyson with Stark Soil & Water looked at the property and gave suggestions to help reduce the problem.




Transfers Per Res#07-021: March 31, 2007 $15,000 from 10-A-08 Fire Department Tools and Equipment to 10-A-15 Fire Department Other.


CONCERNS OF CITIZENS:  No one signed up in advance to speak at tonight’s meeting.


CONCERNS OF TRUSTEES: (Lisa R. Shafer, Michael L. Lynch, Allen E. Gress)


$455.00 Donation from Mr. Kiener: Lisa Shafer thanked township resident, Mr. Kiener, for his generosity for the $455.00 donation to the Township Fire Department.  Mr. Kiener said the township has been good to him and this is his way of ‘giving back’ to the township.


Township Map Update: Allen Gress said in the beginning, this seemed like a great idea but after meeting with the Wes Lambert with Municipal Publications, Gress discovered that thirty (30) ads would be needed at a cost of $235.00 per ad to pay for the map.  Since it is very doubtful we could get that many ads in the Township, Gress suggested that Mr. Lambert contact the City of Louisville to see if they would go in with us on this.  Mr. Gress said we would also need a database of every home in the Township, which we do not have but it is available through the Auditor’s Office. 


Nimishillen Township Board of Trustees

    April 12, 2007 (Cont.)


However, the cost to mail the maps would fall back on the Township, which at $ .50 cents per map X 3700 residences would cost the township $1,800.00.  Gress said it’s


most likely the map mailing will not happen, but suggested that instead of the fall newsletter, which costs about $3,000, we could send the map instead.


Newsletter Update: Allan Gress said the deadline for articles for the Nimishillen Township Newsletter summer issue is the first week in May.  The Township Newsletter is scheduled to be mailed to the residents the end of May.  Discussion was held on getting ads to help offset the cost of the newsletter.  The Trustees requested Township Secretary, Sharon Shaub, to contact Stark County Prosecutor, Sharon Miller, for a legal opinion as to whether or not the Township can legally solicit for ads to help offset the cost of our newsletters and to also contact Jackson Township and find out what steps they took to solicit for ads for their newsletters.  Discussion followed.


Alliance Review Article about Dispatch Center: Allen Gress congratulated Laurie Huffman for the excellent article she wrote on the Nimishillen Township Fire Department dispatch cutover.  Two Nimishillen Township residents, Elmer Simpson and Bob Bailey were in a picture along with Chief Peterson as Peterson was explaining the dispatch process to the visitors.  (Article attached)


CEDA Agreement with Louisville: A discussion was held about the City of Louisville Council’s refusal to sit down and discuss a possible CEDA agreement with the Township regarding the Groffre Annexation request that is pending before the Stark County Commissioners.


Mr. Gress said Osnaburg Twp. is working a CEDA agreement with the City of Canton, Plain Twp. is doing one with North Canton, North Canton is doing one with Jackson and Gress said it’s the way to go today for annexations.  Mr. Gress said townships nearly always lose.  Gress said CEDA agreements allow townships to keep property tax money in exchange for some services and the city’s income tax stating the window of opportunity for our township is now.  Once that window closes, it’s forever.  Gress said the City of Louisville responded to a letter sent by the Trustees asking to get together to discuss a CEDA agreement.  The City of Louisville responded and agreed unanimously not to even talk to us.


Mr. Gress presented a Press Release with only his name on it as he had not discussed it with Mr. Lynch or Mrs. Shafer and they knew nothing about it.  In part, it says, “Louisville Council’s decision to reject Nimishillen Township’s request for a CEDA agreement for the 84 acre Jeffries property is disappointing.  It appears the City is planning for the future by looking in the rear-view mirror…… the CEDA could have been the dawn of a new era of cooperation between the City and the Township.  We had unofficially discussed joint recreation opportunities for our citizens and joint programs for our seniors…..the Township had extended an opportunity for the City to join our fire department’s newly opened state-of-the-art dispatch center, which would have provided city residents better service and saved them tens of thousands of tax dollars over the



Nimishillen Township Board of Trustees

    April 12, 2007 (Cont.)


years.  By nixing our CEDA request, the city officials have slammed the door of opportunity on the Township damaging future relationships……and their actions have lowered an iron curtain between the Township and City.”


There’s an annexation hearing on May 16th with the Stark County Commissioners at 11:30 AM at the Louisville Constitution Center.  The meeting is open to the public.


Mike Lynch said he already went before the Commissioners and said that’s where the battle will be won or lost.  All three Trustees will be attending the May 16th  hearing.  Lynch urges all residents to attend the hearing on May 16th and also urged all our residents to call all three Commissioners to let your feelings be known.


Mr. Gress said a letter was received yesterday that there is yet another request for annexation for a 3.6 acres on the corner of SR62 and SR44 owned by Steve Coon.


Lisa Shafer said as a Board of Trustees, we definitely need to take the high road stating she thinks it is absolutely atrocious that another agency would not even come to the table to have a meeting.  She said we now have another annexation on the table and said we will follow the same course of action.  She further said that what has been said tonight, at least for her, is not meant to slam the City of Louisville in any way but feels they need to hear the township’s strong opinions and as Mr. Gress said, his statements represent his personal feelings.  Shafer said it is very important that we all attend the Commissioner’s Hearing on May 16th because that is where the decision will be made.


Discussion was held about a letter from the City of Louisville to the Commissioners and the letter does severely slam Nimishillen Township.


Mr. Lynch said what we need is to get people behind us on May 16th, which will make it real hard for them to go against us.  Lynch asked the Commissioners to please not authorize the annexation without a CEDA, which the Commissioners can do.  More discussion followed.


Convene Zoning Board Regarding Home Business Rules and Regulations and the $50.00 Yearly Fee: After discussion, this was tabled to the June 2007 Trustees’ Meeting.


Yard Waste / Recycling: Allen Gress met with Linda Morckel at the Stark-Tusc-Wayne Joint Solid Waste Management District in Bolivar.  After discussion, because of the time it takes road employees to clean the compost center daily and the wear and tear on our township equipment, the Board agreed to send a letter to Linda Morckel seeking some type of funding for the compost/recycling center.


At this time Lisa Shafer excused the Louisville High School Government Class students, and the elected officials signed their papers and the continued with Concerns of Trustees.



Nimishillen Township Board of Trustees

    April 12, 2007 (Cont.)


Management Performance International: After discussion, Mike Lynch motioned to authorize additional payment to Management Performance International in the amount of $1,000.00, seconded by Allen Gress.  Roll call voting:  Mike Lynch – yes, Allen Gress – yes and Lisa Shafer – yes.  MOTION CARRIED.  Res#07-203




Policy for Employee Comp Time: Because Mr. Lynch had been sick, setting a new policy for employee comp time was tabled to the May 2007 Trustees’ Meeting.


Resolution to Repair or Lease 1988 Trojan Front-End Loader: After discussion, this was tabled to the next Trustees Meeting on April 26, 2007.




Mike Lynch motioned to approve the March 22, 2007 Minutes, as written, seconded by Allen Gress.  Roll call voting:  Mike Lynch – yes, Allen Gress – yes and Lisa Shafer – yes.  MOTION CARRIED.  Res#07-204




Mike Lynch motioned to approve all purchase orders, financial report and pay bills in the amount of $112,463.45, seconded by Allen Gress.  Roll call voting: Mike Lynch – yes, Allen Gress – yes and Lisa Shafer – yes.  MOTION CARRIED.  Res#07-205




Mike Lynch motioned to sign checks and adjourn, seconded by Allen Gress.  Roll call voting: Mike Lynch – yes, Allen Gress – yes and Lisa Shafer – yes.  MOTION CARRIED.  Res#07-206


The meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.



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                                                                                    Allen E. Gress, Trustee