Nimishillen Township Board of Trustees


May 9, 2007
















































































On Wednesday, May 9, 2007, the Board of Trustees of Nimishillen Township met in work session at 6:00 P.M. at the Nimishillen Township Hall located at 4422 Maplegrove NE with the following members present:  Trustee President Lisa R. Shafer, Vice President Michael L. Lynch, Trustee Allen E. Gress and Fiscal Officer Carlene Harmon.


The work session was called to order at 6:00 PM by President Lisa R. Shafer.


Lisa Shafer reported that the recycling grant was denied, however, a $ 40,000 study of operations was approved.


There was a discussion utilizing our existing road crew versus hiring part time employees to take care of the composting operation.


A discussion was held regarding hiring an attorney or legal representation for the union negotiations.


Motion to go in to executive session at 6:50 pm, to discuss supervisor option for the road department through the operation of the union.  Motion by Mike Lynch, second by Lisa Shafer.  All voted yes. 


Motion to return from executive session at 7:37 pm, by Mike Lynch, second by Lisa Shafer.  All voted yes.


Motion to adjourn at 7:40 pm, by Lisa Shafer, seconded by Mike Lynch.  All voted yes.
































































































































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Attest:       Fiscal Officer                                        Lisa R. Shafer, President

                 Carlene Harmon






                                                                               Michael L. Lynch, Vice President






                                                                              Allen E. Gress, Trustee