Stark County, Ohio

4915 N. Nickel Plate / P.O. Box 181

Louisville, OH  44641

Phone:  (330) 875-9924

Email:  office@nimishillentownship.com



Neighborhood Notice



UPDATE:    Administrative Notice

There is a Board of Trustees meeting June 10, 2021 at 7:00 pm at the Maplegrove Fire Station.


"Think before you put a sign up in the Township, the signs may be removed if there is a violation." Call first






​​​​​​Nimishillen Township Zoning Office will be sending letters to residents who have vehicles on their property that are beyond repair. We are aware that some residents do not know how or where to take their junk vehicle. Please call the township office if you need help.

Road Construction in Our Area

During the Summer Season the Road Department urges residents if possible to please park their vehicles off the roadways to allow the Township Road Department to work on the roads without the liability of damaging parked cars. If your car is creating a nuisance you will be notified of the possibility of having your vehicle towed.



All protocols and procedures at the Board of Trustees meeting must be followed for attendance. Please feel free to attend the meeting, however, some changes will be in effect until further notice from the Board of Trustee.


New Safety Meeting Protocols

1. There will be a cleaning of all equipment used at the meeting.

2. Board members and staff will sit six feet apart and their sitting area will be sanitized.

3. There will be no podium in the meeting.

4. There will be hand sanitizer at the sign-in area for use by board members and public.

Thank you for your cooperation

Other Township Notices



In compliance with State of Ohio's "Stay Safe" order, Township authority has kept the Administrative Office and Road Department under safety restrictions until further notice. The safety of our employee's and residents are a top priority for us.

Township resident's emails and phone calls will be monitored and returned as soon as possible.  Please call before visiting the office at 330-875-9924.

For any emergency road issues, please contact the Stark County Sheriff's office at (330) 430-3800.

The Nimishillen Township adopts the health advisement issued by the State of Ohio, whereas, employees at township office locations will be adhering to set standards for the Covid-19 pandemic. We strongly urge residents who need to come to one of the township workplaces to wear protective equipment and be respectful of the employee's right to be safe at this time.

Special Announcements

Helpful Information

See below for helpful links to government  programs that can save you money!


Homestead Exemption - Property Tax Relief for Senior Citizens and the Disabled 

Stark County Auditor (330) 451-7323    


Fix-It Funds Home Improvement Loan Program 


Stark County Treasurer (330) 451-7814    


Recycling Information

New Bins!

Please click here to learn more about what can and cannot be recycled.  

Organized in 1809 and named for Nimishillen Creek that takes its rise mainly in the Township

Size of Nimishillen Township:  Approximately 32 sq. miles

Roadway maintenance mileage:

67 Miles


Approximately 9,533 (as of year 2017)

About Us

[    ], 2021

BZA Meeting

4422 Maplegrove

Louisville, Ohio 7:00pm

June 10, 2021

Board of Trustee Meeting 

4422 Maplegrove

Louisville, Ohio  7:00 pm Fire Station 2

[     ],2021

BZC Organizational Meeting

4422 Maplegrove

Louisville, Ohio  7:00pm




The Nimishillen Township Board of Trustees would like to remind residents of the community that the ditches and natural waterways leading to the ditches are not to be used for the disposal of yard and garden debris.  During and after heavy rainstorms, roadside ditches will overflow due to the fact that tree trimmings and other yard waste have been put in the waterways and then washed into the ditches.


Any resident witnessing such an act should contact Trustee Jennifer L. Leone at (330) 904-8631, Trustee Don Keefe at (330) 232-3769, Trustee George P. Kiko at (330) 418-1095, the Road Department at (330) 875-3511 or the Township Administrative Office at (330) 875-9924.  Residents are reminded that all calls will be kept confidential.


Nimishillen Township's Recycling Bins and Composting Center are located at the Township Road Dept. located at 4915 N. Nickelplate.  The Recycling Bins are available for all recyclable products (paper, plastics, aluminum, & cardboard).


The Yard Waste Center will be open starting 4/16/2021 from 7 am to 7 pm.





Unmowed grass and weeds exceeding 8 inches serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes and rodents and is a menace to the health of residents and considered a public nuisance.  Nimishillen Township Zoning regulates grass height. 


Administrative Offices

PO Box 181

4915 N. Nickelplate

Louisville, OH  44641

Meeting Hall

4422 Maplegrove Ave.

Louisville, OH  44641

Fiscal Office

8000 Columbus Road.

Louisville, OH  44641

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