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Jeff Shipman
 Zoning Inspector


Contact Information  
Office:  (330)-875-9924
Cellphone:  (330) 413-3029



Mailing Address: 

4915 N Nickleplate

Louisville, OH 44641


Office Hours:

8am-11:00 am MWF and by appointment


Credit/Debit Cards now Accepted!

Once on the zoning map you can zoom in or add a specific address to see the zoning

Completed Zoning Forms can be emailed to:

Payments can be made at the office or by credit card over the phone.

Zoning Resolution

Zoning Resolution

Contains the Zoning regulations for Nimishillen Township, including allowable uses and setbacks


Complaint Form

Use this form for:

  • Junk vehicles (vehicles without valid plates)

  • High grass (over 8")

  • Junk tires

  • Garbage

  • Noxious weed


Culvert and Road Open

Use this form for to apply for:

  • Driveway installation

  • Culvert replacement

  • Road opening

Building Permit.jpg



Building Application

Use this form for a zoning permit for:

  • New Construction

  • Addition

  • Accessory Building

  • Business/Manufacturing

Home business.jpg

Conditional Use Permit

Use this form for to apply for:

  • Home business

  • See Zoning Resolution - anything not listed as "permitted" must get a condition use permit

non-building pic.jpg



Non-Building Application

Use this form for:

  • Swimming pools

  • Sign (permanent or Temporary)

  • Solar

  • Wind

  • Satellite

  • Patio

  • Fence

Nimishillen Zoning 11 x 17 Low Resolution.jpg


Map Changes

BZC Map Changes

Use this form for to apply for:

  • Changing the zoning on property

Columbus Road Demolition


Unmowed grass and weeds exceeding 8 inches serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes and rodents and is a menace to the health of residents and considered a public nuisance.  Nimishillen Township Zoning regulates grass height. 

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