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Lee Gonzalez

Road Superintendent

Emergency road issues?
Call the Stark County Sheriff

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Who Should I call if I have an issue with my Road?
 Although the Township maintains many of the roads located in the Township, there are several roads that are maintained by the State or County.  When you experience a problem, such as potholes, snow/icy conditions, etc., you will need to reach the correct Government agency.  Below is a list of roads that are maintained by the State or County. If your road is not listed, then please contact the Road Dept. at 330-875-3511.

State Roads

  • ODOT (330) 452-0365 (62 Location)

    • Route 44 (Ravenna)

    • Route 62

    • Route 153 (Louisville St. / Main St.)

    • Route 173 (State St. from 44 East)

    • Route 183

Stark County

  • Engineer (330) 477-6781

    • Beech (East of Rt. 62)

    • Broadway

    • Columbus Road

    • Easton

    • Georgetown

    • Meese (North of 153)

    • Paris

    • State St. (West of Rt. 44)

    • Werner Church

Signs in Road Right of Way

Signs should not be placed in the Road Right of Way.  This typically means they need to be set back farther than the utility poles.

Signs placed in the Road Right of Way not only look bad but are also damaging to the Township equipment when mowing these areas.

The Township will begin removing any signs placed in the Road Right of Way.  Signs will not be returned to owners.

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Road Construction in Our Area

During the Summer Season the Road Department urges residents if possible to please park their vehicles off the roadways to allow the Township Road Department to work on the roads without the liability of damaging parked cars. If your car is creating a nuisance you will be notified of the possibility of having your vehicle towed.

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