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Nimishillen Township Fiscal Office

8000 Columbus Road

Louisville, Ohio 44641

Nimishillen Station 3

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Sandy Smith
Fiscal Officer

cell# 330-875-8619

Fiscal Office 

Phone: 330-875-6249

FAX: 330-875-6249

Public Records Request
What you need to know

What is a public record?  Section 149.43 of the Ohio Revised Code defines a Public Record.  Generally it is a record held by a Public Office regardless of its physical form.  

What are my rights?  You have the right to a prompt inspection of the records and the right to copies within a reasonable period of time.  Charges for copies may apply.

Are there any exceptions?  Yes.  Please refer to the link above for ORC 149.43 to review the exceptions.  

How do I request a Public Record? You may use the form to the right or contact the Nimishillen Township Fiscal Office directly at: 


Fax 330-875-4216

Public Records Request
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